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Thank you for your kindness and recognition|Fuji Seiko signed a contract with the 19th Bureau Group of the Fortune 500 China Railway Group again
2020/10/10 180



A few days ago,Fuji Seiko Elevator once again signed the Fortune Global 500—— China Railway 19th Bureau Group,Provide elevator products for China Railway 19th Bureau. Fuji Seiko has once again demonstrated the brand strength of Fuji Seiko Elevator with its excellent product quality and professional service.


China Railway 19th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.


China Railway 19th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale first-level construction enterprise of the national railway comprehensive project. It is a large-scale professional construction team that builds railways, highways, undertakes municipal construction, industrial and civil construction, equipment installation, thermal power, water conservancy and hydropower, airport and port, mine construction and installation. It is a large state-owned enterprise group integrating construction, design and scientific research.

China Railway 19th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.Adhere to the guidance of the scientific development concept, uphold the concept of "rational management, fine management, reputation and efficiency, coordination and sharing", centering on economic benefits, relying on the capital market and engineering market, and implementing honest management, talent-based business and technology Innovate strategies, improve construction capabilities, consolidate management foundation, focus on cost control, focus on transformation and upgrading, strengthen corporate culture, execution, informatization, internal control mechanism and security system construction, and take the road of refined management.

Fuji Seiko Elevator



Facing the new pattern and new market,Fuji Seiko Elevator always adheres to the corporate mission, does not forget the original intention, and forge ahead,Committed to creating trustworthy product quality and providing efficient and fast service for customers. Fuji Seiko Elevator will continue to increase R&D investment, continue to strengthen technological innovation, and continue to open up new frontiers in China's transportation, construction and other fields.


Fuji Seiko Elevator
With excellent products and quality service
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