Special elevator

Special elevator


IP elevator:

  • IP elevator, the most rigorous design, the most refined craftsmanship, the most rigorous testing

    Basic specifications
    Drive typeTraction driveHydraulic drive
    Rated load630KG - 5000KG630KG - 5000KG
    boost speed0.5M/S-1.75M/S0.2M/S-1.0M/S


    Applicable place
    In places with water mist and dust (excluding explosive dust) or in the open air, the overall protection level of the elevator is not higher than IP54, and the local can reach IP55, IP65, IP67, etc.


    Applicable industry
    Various dusty factories and mines, cement plants, thermal power plants, steel plants, etc.
    Various places with water mist and humidity, hydropower dams, caves, mines, offshore platforms, etc.


    IPtechnical parameter
    IP55 The technical indicators are: dustproof, cannot completely prevent dust from entering the shell, but the amount of dust is not enough to affect the normal operation of the electrical appliance; waterproof, and there should be no harmful effects with water spray from any direction.


    Key components IP
    Traction machine (with teeth)Traction machine (without gear)Control cabinet
    Resistance boxDoor motorSafety touch panel
    Car lights, hoistway lightsLimit switchLighting circuit breaker
    Three-way intercomJunction BoxDoor system limit
    Car fanPower circuit breakerSummon box, control box

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