Special elevator

Special elevator


Clean elevator:

  • Clean elevators, keep goods and passengers away from bacterial contamination at all times

    Basic specifications
    Elevator typeTraction elevatorHydraulic elevatorSundries elevator
    Rated load500KG - 5000KG500KG - 5000KG100KG - 300KG
    boost speed0.5M/S-1.75M/S0.2M/S-1.0M/S0.4M/S-1.0M/S


    Applicable place
    Environmental locations requiring cleanliness of class 100, class 1000, class 10000 and class 100,000


    Applicable industry
    Pharmaceutical IndustryClean, dust-free and sterile workshop, laboratory, etc.
    Electronic instrument industryChip electronic components, LCD panels, precision instrument workshops, etc.
    other industryBiological, medical, microparticle, nanotechnology test and production plants, etc.