Special elevator

Special elevator


Fire Elevator:

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    In addition to the above functions, hydraulic elevators are also equipped with overflow protection, pipeline rupture protection, emergency manual valves, oil temperature overheating protection, oil temperature heating and heat dissipation devices to meet different needs. For details, please call or write to our staff for consultation.

    Some functions in the form are not suitable for sundries elevators; if you have special needs, please call or write to our staff for consultation.

  • Efficient fire prevention, heat insulation, and smoke prevention, greatly improving the safety of your property

    Responding to fires in high-rise buildings has always been a difficult problem for the fire protection industry in modern society. Fire-resistant elevators make every high-rise building safer and more humane.

    Basic specifications
    Drive typeTraction driveHydraulic drive
    Rated load630KG - 5000KG630KG - 5000KG
    boost speed0.5M/S-4.0M/S0.2M/S-1.0M/S


    Applicable place
    Important placeHigh-rise buildings, government agencies, schools, international convention and exhibition centers, theaters and other places with heavy traffic
    Processing and storage of flammable productsWood processing, wine making, textiles, plastic profiles, papermaking, etc.


    Part of the certification standards
    Fire Standard CodeApplicable countrytypeFire resistance/heat insulation time
    China■fire-resistant(F) □Insulation(I) □Anti-smoke(S)120 minutes/min
    AS1735.11Australia■fire-resistant(F) □Insulation(I) □Anti-smoke(S)120 minutes/min
    EN81-58European Union■fire-resistant(F) ■Insulation(I) □Anti-smoke(S)60 minutes/min
    EI60-RURussia■fire-resistant(F) ■Insulation(I) □Anti-smoke(S)60 minutes/min
    BS 476 : Part 31U.K■fire-resistant(F) □Insulation(I) ■Anti-smoke(S)60 minutes/min


    basic skills
    Operation with/without driverGo straight with full loadMaintenance operation
    Elevator lockFive-way callButton control to open and close the door
    Abnormal leveling alertBrake detectionEmergency lighting
    Limit protection / limit protectionMain contactor protectionMotor anti-blocking protection
    Overspeed protectionOverload protectionDrive overheating, overcurrent protection
    Phase failure and phase failure protectionSafety circuit protectionLocation display of each floor
    Door-closing delayCollective controlCar alarm bell

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