Special elevator

Special elevator


Large tonnage elevator:

  • We have never stopped the R&D and progress of elevator technology with larger load, higher speed and safer

    Large-tonnage elevators are tailor-made for each elevator based on different usage characteristics and limitations of the use of site space and buildings. We not only ensure the feasibility of elevator installation in a special use environment, but also meet the various individual needs of users.

    In addition, we use high-quality steel for the elevator car as a whole, combined with a high-strength, statically indeterminate structure design, to ensure that the car will not be deformed in long-term use; the statically indeterminate steel structure system can withstand the large tonnage of goods entering and leaving the car. The huge eccentric load and impact force fundamentally ensure safety.

    Basic specifications
    Drive typeTraction driveHydraulic drive
    Rated loadSpecial customSpecial custom
    boost speed0.25M/S-0.5M/S0.2M/S-0.5M/S
    maximum height≤ 150M≤ 40M


    Firm structureThe car and door opening structure customized according to the large load requirements of each level ensure the safety and stability of the elevator operation
    Safe and reliableIn addition to conventional safety devices, Cathay Pacific has also added multiple safety protections to the characteristics of heavy-duty elevators
    DurableSpecially designed to reinforce the car bottom steel plate and car guard rail to effectively alleviate the impact of cargo on the car
    Efficient operationMulti-through structure, large door opening distance and early door opening and closing functions ensure efficient cargo transportation


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