Special elevator

Special elevator


Round elevator:

  • 360°Circular panoramic panoramic elevator, integrating technology and art into every inch of design

    The elevator is not only a cold, monotonous lifting machine, but also a work of art that can be integrated with the building, so that every passenger can feel the beauty of technology in modern society!

    Consummation, mellowness, and dream come true!

    As one of the few professional elevator companies in the world with similar product design, manufacturing capabilities and experience, the technical team uses Europe's most advanced multi-section hydraulic telescopic cylinder and frequency conversion arc door technology combined with top technology. This ensures that the elevator has the characteristics of elegant appearance, stable performance, comfortable ride, 360° panoramic sightseeing, etc. It also makes it perfectly structured between the floors, showing the noble and luxurious quality of life; adding a piece to your short lifting journey The beautiful scenery will bring you a moment of leisure and pleasure.

    Basic specifications
    Drive typeHydraulic drive
    Rated load630KG - 1600KG
    boost speed0.5M/S-1.0M/S
    maximum height≤ 15M


    Elevator type
    360°Circular panoramic sightseeing elevator

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