Special elevator

Special elevator


Explosion-proof elevator:

  • The most stringent production and inspection standards to achieve the safest explosion-proof elevator products

    Basic specifications
    Drive typeTraction driveHydraulic drive
    Rated load630KG - 5000KG630KG - 5000KG
    boost speed0.5M/S-1.75M/S0.2M/S-1.0M/S
    maximum height≤ 150M≤ 40M


    Applicable place
    Hazardous locations with flammable and explosive gas and dust


    Applicable industry
    Energy industryRefining unit, delayed coking unit, offshore oil platform, etc.
    Petrochemical industryProduction workshops and high towers of basic chemical raw materials such as ethylene, propylene, hydrogen chloride, etc.
    Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical synthesis workshops, extraction workshops and other areas containing flammable and explosive substances such as alcohol, acetone, and chloroform
    Chemical IndustryFertilizers, synthetic resins, plastics, synthetic rubbers, paints, inks, coatings, chemical preparations, refined oils, etc.
    Military industrySpace launch tower, gunpowder, explosives, rocket propellant, etc.
    other industryTextile, sucrose, flour processing, etc.


    Explosion-proof parameters
    Dangerous substanceGas(II)Powder(III)
    applied area Zone1, Zone2Zone 21, Zone 22
    Explosion-proof gradeIIA, IIB, IICDIP21TAT4, DIP22TAT4
    Temperature groupT4(coverT3, T2, T1)T4(coverT3, T2, T1)
    Explosion-proof typed: Flameproof id: Intrinsic safety o: Oil immersion e: Increased safetyDust tight
    Protection levelIP55IP55