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[Congratulations] Give a thumbs up to the strength faction! Fuji Seiko Elevator won another order from Fortune 500
2020/10/10 180

A few days ago,Fuji Seiko Elevator once again joined hands with China's Top 100 Enterprises-Baosteel Co., Ltd. to provide elevator products for Baosteel Coal Yard EF bar silos.Fuji Seiko has once again won unanimous recognition and praise from the leaders of Baosteel Group with its excellent product quality and professional services.



Mutual benefit and win-win·Create a better future


As a strategic partner of Baosteel Group Elevator,Fuji Seiko Elevator has always been adhering to the brand concept of "keep improving and pursuing excellence" and high standard service concept,Proactively promote the upgrading of products and services, improve the level of project construction management, and strive to bring Baosteel Group a more perfect value experience.

This cooperation,Fuji Seiko Elevator is tailor-made for the EF bar silo of Baosteel Coal Yard,Fuji Seiko perfectly integrates the elevator with the Baosteel Coal Yard's EF strip silo with its consistently pragmatic and robust design concept and intelligent manufacturing technology, and complements the energy-saving design of the Baosteel Coal Yard's EF strip silo.

After the reconstruction of the E and F strip silos of the Shanghai Baosteel Co., Ltd. coal yard, a fully enclosed silo storage of coal raw materials has been realized, which effectively reduces the loss of materials during rainstorms, reduces dust, and further improves and restores greenery. Promote clean production in the ironmaking area and reduce environmental pollution to the surrounding atmosphere and rivers; through the storage of coal in airtight silos, the water content of the coal can be effectively controlled, and the production energy consumption of the next process can be reduced; at the same time, it saves land and improves The storage capacity of the stockyard.


As a leader in the elevator industry,Fuji Seiko Elevator will continue to utilize its advantages in technology and service, maintain close and in-depth strategic cooperation with Baosteel Group, and provide high-quality elevator services for the group's construction projects.


Fuji Precision & Baosteel Group
Mutual benefit and win-win
Create a better future