Car elevator

Car elevator

Car elevator
  • Vehicles dedicated to non-commercial use are used for vertical transportation between buildings. It can be widely used in automobile 4S shops, auto repair shops, three-dimensional parking and other places.

    Interpret an extraordinary ride experience

    Fuji Seiko automobile elevator introduces internationally mature automobile elevator technology. After absorption, transformation, and promotion, the automobile elevator developed and produced. The advanced technology guarantees the noise caused by the increase of the load of the traction system due to the uneven force of the car. The absence of the unfavorable factor that causes the car to sway optimizes the characteristics of this series of products.

    Features of car elevator

    Double control box design: There are two control box buttons in the car, so the driver can operate the elevator without getting out of the car.
    Dedicated circuit control: A dedicated circuit control and display system is not only convenient for the driver in the car, but also for the driver outside the car.
    Elevator car with front and rear doors: The elevator car is equipped with front and rear doors, which makes it easier for cars to enter and exit the car and ensure safety