• There are two tilt angles of 30° and 35° to choose from. It can be widely used in airports, railway stations, high-end hotels, Central Business District (CBD), large shopping malls and other places.
    Fuji Seiko escalators are light and elegant, and the atmosphere is smooth. Each component is made of precision work, which is natural and smooth and straight up in peace. Equipped with high-strength truss, the integral structure ensures the accuracy between the components. The newly created humanized steps, the surface adopts special spot processing technology, and the comb teeth are precisely matched to effectively prevent foreign objects from being brought into the escalator and ensure the safety of passengers on and off.

    Advanced scientific research technology creates the highest quality

    Fuji Seiko escalators are manufactured using international advanced technology and advanced design concepts. They have the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, durability, and convenient maintenance. Its exquisite structure, sophisticated stairway, exquisite lead, luxurious and beautiful appearance, provide It gives passengers a new sense of beauty and comfort, allowing you to appreciate the extraordinary charm and luxurious style of modern architecture.

    Efficient transmission, frequency conversion and energy saving

    The high-precision, high-efficiency helical gear reducer is more efficient than the traditional worm gear reducer, and fully guarantees the efficient use of energy.
    When running with variable frequency specifications, there are multiple ways to detect passenger flow, and it will stop automatically when there is no one to avoid invalid operation and save electricity.