Freight elevator

Freight elevator

Freight elevator
  • Freight elevator

    Fuji Seiko freight elevator, its application of a fully computerized modular elevator dedicated control system, efficient and reliable drive mode, soft and sensitive VVVF variable frequency door machine, so that it can be carried easily and strained freely under various working conditions; high-strength car The structure of the compartment, the anti-collision strips and the light curtain door can meet various loading purposes and use different building structures, making more load-bearing and heavy lifting more capable. Create a new concept of cargo transportation.

    Economical and durable, solemn

    The range of 1T~12T load capacity can be selected to meet the load purpose under various working conditions. It is suitable for places such as factories, ports, shopping malls and supermarkets.
    The high-strength sheet bending and forming technology ensures that the car is solid and durable, and the company's specially designed anti-collision guardrail can be selected to provide multiple protections for the car.

    Machine Roomless Freight Elevator

    Fuji Seiko machine-room-less cargo elevator products are designed with low carbon and environmental protection as the design concept, energy saving and consumption reduction; the ultimate goal is to maximize the use of hoistway space, save construction area, and reduce construction costs, which fully reflects the green humanistic spirit of the product. Compared with geared elevators of the same load capacity, it saves about 40% of electric energy and 10% of building area.

    A little more space, a little more freedom

    Only elevators with more architectural freedom are lucky enough to be favored by architects. In order to change the influence of traditional machine room elevators on the appearance of buildings, Fuji Seiko Elevator has developed a series of machine room-less products that do not occupy any space other than the hoistway and have a compact structure.