• The guide rail pre-installation technology and compact design of the mechanical system and the handrail drive system of Fuji Seiko moving walks reduce the size of the walkways and allow the space of the building to be effectively used.

    Fashionable appearance brings better carrying experience

    In the colorful modern cities, such as large supermarkets, public buildings, airports, exhibition centers, and transportation transfer stations, the moving walkway can not only meet the transportation problems of heavy traffic due to the characteristics of its products, but also It can also meet long-distance walking and transport luggage carts, strollers, shopping carts, disabled carts, etc., making people feel like walking upstairs and downstairs when riding, especially when shopping, which greatly facilitates people's travel and shopping . Its convenient, fast, and pleasant ride needs have made it the preferred solution for large supermarkets, airports, exhibition centers and transportation transfer stations.

    Energy-saving operation mode

    Energy-saving can be achieved by frequency conversion control or self-starting mode.

    Strong transportation capacity

    Unique groundbreaking design. Minimize the need for space. Sturdy structure. Ensure sufficient load capacity. While transporting the busy flow of large shopping malls and airport stations, it saves every inch of valuable space and fully considers the needs of modern urban transportation.
    The inclination angle of 0-12 degrees can be freely selected according to the different uses and environments of the building.